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Preparing for the sale of your house is the foundation in which determines how long your home is on the market, the final selling price and any other costs agreed at the closing.

First we will discuss and prioritize your goals.
Is a quick sale or higher sale price your goal? When would you like to sell your house? Do you already have another home or would you be willing to live in an apartment during the transition? What selling price is fair for the market and does this provide you with enough return on your investment? Other considerations include any items you are will to negotiate with - leave appliances, window treatment or will you do basic repairs or provide painting or carpet allowances.

All these items determine the true final sales price of your home.

Next we need to prepare your house for market.
First we will take a good look at your house and determine if there are any items that could be done quickly and with little expense that will help in the sale of your home. A well maintained landscaping is invaluable. Do we need to trim hedges? A new door mat or potted plant can help provide that great first impression. What about cleaning siding and windows? Little things can make a big difference.

Ok, your house is ready. Now we need to get the information to potential buyers. First, I will gather information about your house such as sq feet, number of bedrooms, baths etc. Be sure to point out any features of your home that you particularly enjoy so we can highlight them in your listing.

Next, we take photos of your home. I use a professional photographer to make sure the photos reflect the true great qualities of your home. I will schedule an appointment time with you. However, it is preferable to take photos on a sunny day so we may need to reschedule if it is raining.

Ok we are now ready to start marketing/showing your home. How? Let's see.





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